Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday, 4 July, 2010

Karen Alloy A.K.A Spricket24 on Youtube

I just saw this pictures online. Karen Alloy is a Youtube user and i think one of the hottest Youtube user out there. This pics was taken by her friend. She did this to show the artistry of nudity which i think they really did a pretty good job of it you can check her on youtube at

Ashley Greene Sexiness Makes Twilight Almost Bearable

Ashley Greene is hot. I mean, stellar hot. I don't usually post red-carpet photos, and I have no desire to pimp the uber-stupid Twilight series movie, but, c'mon, look at how sexy this young actress is. Even her boob smoosh is on target. If you're not imagining years-to-come of Ashley Greene nude photos, then I'm putting you on Own probation. We shall find more Ashley Greene skin; it's now my holy mission.

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